About us
About us

Physiotherapist and strength training coach

Athletic Approach stands at the forefront of physiotherapy and strength training, driven by the expertise and passion of our founder, Gracy. Established with the vision to blend scientific knowledge with practical fitness, we offer a unique approach to physical wellness and rehabilitation. Our clinic specializes in tailor-made programs focusing on Return to Sport, ACL rehab, gym-based rehab, and strength training, all designed to enhance functional fitness, wellbeing, and longevity.

Under Gracy's leadership, Athletic Approach has become a haven for individuals seeking not just recovery from injuries but a transformative journey towards optimal physical health. Our methods are deeply rooted in evidence-based practice, ensuring each client's path is both scientifically sound and personally attuned to their needs.

Meet Gracy Bilolo

Athletic Approach Founder

Gracy's professional journey in physiotherapy and strength training is grounded in a strong educational foundation and varied practical experiences. He began with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Huddersfield, followed by a stint as a personal trainer where he honed his skills in individualised strength and conditioning.

He furthered his expertise by earning an MSc (pre-reg) in Physiotherapy from the University of Birmingham. Gracy's experiences include working for the NHS and private practice, with a notable focus on musculoskeletal physiotherapy and leading ACL rehabilitation classes.

At Athletic Approach, Gracy combines his deep knowledge of physiotherapy with a passion for helping clients recover and excel in their physical pursuits. His dedication is especially evident in assisting individuals in returning to sport and daily activities post-injury. Gracy’s approach ensures clients at Athletic Approach receive personalized care aimed at achieving a healthy, active lifestyle.