Athletic Approach Physiotherapy and Strength Training Clinic

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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

We provide evidence-based treatment for any problem related to muscles, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Return to Sport and Gym Training

Tailored and sports specific rehabilitation to help you maintain your gym training and get back to sports with no concerns. We also provide injury prevention programs.

ACL Rehabilitation

We use the latest research to support our ACL rehabilitation programs. To goal is to get you fully confident to successfully get back to sports and functional activities following ACL injury and ACL reconstruction surgery.

Personal Training

Tailored exercise programs, coaching and support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Explore our services
Explore Our services
We can help you relieve pain from a variety of injuries

Welcome to Athletic Approach Physiotherapy and Strength Training Clinic

The clinic is led by an experienced Chartered and HCPC registered Physiotherapist, with a strong background in Strength and Conditioning.

We treat any conditions related to the muscular and skeletal system.

Learn about us
Learn about us

We are a rehab specialist musculoskeletal physio service in Northampton.

We provide tailored treatments from the early stages of your recovery journey to building strength and resilience on the gym floor.

About us


High performance program

For individuals looking to bridge the gap between their basic academic qualifications and coaching experiences.


Online training

Open-concept interiors with comfortable workspaces designed for productivity and working in a creative mind-space.




For individuals looking to bridge the gap between their basic academic qualifications and coaching experiences.

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Hamstrings vs. Quadriceps: Injury Prevention

Eccentric hamstrings exercises should be a key part of your resistance training program, to reduce risks of hamstrings strain and ACL injuries.

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Benefits of resistance training

Resistance training is an important component of fitness training and should be part of everyone’s training plan.

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Customer Testimonials

The work you did and experiences you gave me worked wonders
Nigel Clarke
My journey with Gracy as my physio has been remarkable!
Arnold Bokumbe
Web designer
Athletic approach was meticulous from beginning to end, from consultation, to examination, through education and rehabilitation.
Marianne Weston

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