Benefits of resistance training

The Comprehensive Benefits of Resistance Training

Resistance training is an important component of fitness training and should be part of everyone’s training plan. Whether you’re a runner, training for general health and wellbeing, weight loss or wanting to get strong, obviously. It is recommended to do resistance training 2 or more days a week involving all major muscle groups, for general health and wellbeing and 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activities every week (ACSM guidelines).

Here at Dallington Fitness we greatly value the importance of resistance, hence the recent investment in the new and improved resistance training equipment. We’ve added equipment that work some of the neglected muscle group. For example, the seated heel raise machine targeting the soleus, which is your most powerful part of the calf muscles.

Enhancing Performance and Health with Targeted Resistance Equipment

The soleus muscle group can produce forces up to 8 times of your bodyweight, when compared to the rest of the calf muscles. Therefore, a key component for lower limb force production, in any given activity. Resistance training is the only form of training that can help develop more lean muscle mass. Having lean muscle mass requires high levels of energy, increases metabolism, and allows you to manage your weight more effectively.

Building Resilience and Daily Life Efficiency Through Resistance Training

You can’t go wrong getting strong. Resistance training builds resilience to your muscles, tendons, joints, and bones and therefore minimizes risks of injuries. It enables you to be more efficient in doing your daily activities, from playing with your children, carrying your shopping bag, or going out for a jog. The list is endless."

Gracy B